Facilitation - The craft of people and process

Have you seen a group working together? Someone doing all the talking? Someone disengaged with their arms crossed? Or maybe someone who has been quietly watching each and every response?

The definition of facilitate is 'to make easy' or 'ease a process'. A skilled facilitator helps balance, draw out and engage the entire group’s ideas AND work toward the agreed purpose. The power of a neutral person can create a productive and safe space for the best possible outcomes. A facilitator can bring together the process and the intricacies of individuals, communication styles and group dynamics to achieve an agreed outcome.

Support both individuals and the relationships in conflict resolution

A neutral facilitator can help:

Conflict resolution - between individuals and within groups

We can assist you or your organisation with:

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    “Shae is able to bring a group of individuals and connect them into a collaborative and cohesive team. Strongly facilitating and helping everyone contribute in a respectful way, she enabled us to also hold the space and flow with whatever felt right for the group at the time”

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    “As well as feeling a weight off my shoulders after our team spent a day with Shae, I believe we are empowered to move forward and sort out other solutions as they are needed”

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